The Galaxy of Lemuria: Alpha 0.2 – Video Review

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The Galaxy of Lemuria is back with a completely revamped game! The graphics are looking way better, the gameplay is smooth and new content is being pushed out at the speed of light. In this video, I will cover everything that changed, the project’s current state, and what is coming next for this Web3 MMORPG.

How to play it?

  1. Go to their official website
  2. Create an account
  3. Click on ‘Play Now’
  4. Choose your operative system and download the file
  5. Extract the content of the .zip file
  6. Start the app
  7. Login in the app

About the project

The Galaxy of Lemuria is a Web3 MMORPG inspired by Ragnarok and Maple Story. The game is in Alpha 0.2, so it is still in its early stages of development but the team has been adding new content quite fast. Recently PvP and a chat were added and, really soon, the team will add skills and spaceships.

The reason why an MMORPG has spaceships and the project is called ‘The Galaxy of Lemuria’ is because there will be a galaxy, and players will be able to travel from planet to planet through a spaceship or a warp gate.

Planets will exist in the form of NFTs and they will be owned by players. For this to happen there will be a planet sale in the future.

The Galaxy of Lemuria’s Planet Utility

Accordingly to one of the TGOL’s medium posts, planets will have different utility and will give different perks to holders. Then, also characters, some weapons and armor, spaceships and skills will exist in the form of NFTs. Some of these were already sold one year ago and they can be traded on secondary markets like Open Sea or in TGOL’s dapp. The game will be free to play but, when it launches, to progress beyond level 20, players will need to either buy or rent an NFT character.

Besides the galaxy system which makes TGOL unique, it has everything a player can expect from an MMORPG: quests, monsters to slay, loot, different armor and weapons, and different stats.

Personally, I think the game is heading in the right direction. The community is seeing new content every month, the team is transparent and I love the graphical style. If you are a fan of MMORPGs keep The Galaxy of Lemuria on your radar.

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