Snitch: NFT Accessories for the Physical World

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Anyone involved in the NFT space will tell you that fashion and digital assets share an unshakeable bond. After all, who is more decked out that your average Bored Ape? Now, Snitch, a Web3 startup, is making history by developing state of the art NFT fashion accessories. 

These accessories are unique in that they allow NFT lovers to express their style while remaining sustainable. 

Styling With NFTs

How Snitch makes its users more stylish is through its physical NFT device that is worn like a necklace. On the face of the device, users can connect and display their NFTs as a fashion accessory. Many NFTs already feature amazing visuals and these can now be incorporated into different outfits and this, in turn, creates more utilities for the assets. 

In its initial run, Snitch will release only 500 necklaces for pre-order and the design of the accessory will change every month. The company has also teased some collaborations with well-known brands in the future. Overall, Snitch’s aim seems to be connecting the accessory to the NFTs to serve users better. 

As Snitch CEO, Arsenii Hurtavtsov says, “We want the device itself to become collectible. Therefore, each configuration of the device will only be dropped once. You’ll never find the same Snitch in another drop.”

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