Renault RACING SHOE5 NFTs Accelerate into Web3

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Renault is revving its Web3 initiative following the success of its first NFT collection. However, this time, the French car manufacturer is steering into a new project: an exclusive collection of RACING SHOE5 NFTs and sneakers in R5 Turbo colours. 

RACING SHOE5 represents six unique designs, five of which are inspired by the iconic R5 Turbo models, paying tribute to the R5 Turbo 3E show car. The Web3 R3NLT community designed the last batch of digital and tangible goods, indicating the usefulness of community participation in the Web3 world. 

The sneakers showcase R5 Turbo’s iconic features, from seat-belt-inspired laces and upholstery-influenced interior to the inclined rear resembling the car’s chassis. To attract environmentalists and contribute to global conversation efforts, Renault added eco-friendly touches to its sneakers, manufacturing them using only the “best-certified leather”. 

Renault also embeds NFT chips into its physical products, providing access to the NFTs to represent certification of authenticity. This blockchain-based data holds essential information about the shoe’s materials, composition, and manufacturing traceability. Supplying such documentation increases consumer confidence and trust, boosting customer loyalty and sales. 

Securing Limited-Edition Renault RACING SHOE5 NFTs

Showing commitment to its Web3 community (and, in this case, digital asset and fashion designers), Renault offers members early access to the upcoming mint of the RACING SHOE5 NFT collectibles — another move demonstrating community gratitude. The public, however, most hold on tight until May 17 to get their hands on both products. 

Further aligning with its eco-friendly endeavors, Renault is incorporating an innovative approach to producing the sneakers. The physical shoes will not be manufactured until buyers acquire an NFT version for €265, safeguarding exclusiveness and uniqueness yet again. 

These digital assets are acquirable via Renault’s new immersive 3D shopping experience, ‘Renault Research and Development Center’, where they can acquire both digital and physical versions of the products in one go. Other limited-edition customizable merchandise will then be available to all buyers, old and new. 

Renault’s priorities on ecological manufacturing and community initiatives make the Web3 project a milestone in the intersection of technology, fashion, and sustainability. 

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