Pegaxy Takes on the Crypto Unicorns in NFT Brawl

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Over in the world of interoperable NFT gaming, a battle between mythical livestock is about to rock the blockchain. Commencing at 9am ET on June 9, the mighty Pegaxyย will take on the formidable Crypto Unicorns in the no-holds-barred โ€˜Brawl of Fame.โ€™

Taking place on the Odyn Web3 games launcher, the action will feature a top-down battle-royale between the two NFT collections. To get involved, holders of either collection can log in with their wallets come brawl day, and represent their tokens in the arena.

The brawl will run for a frantic 48 hours, where those taking part must wreak destruction on their opponents. During which, players will earn points for every foe they dispatch on the battle field, with the highest scoring team winning the event.

Pegaxy and Crypto Unicorns Prizes Await the Victorious

Any worthy tournament would not be complete without its rewards, and the Brawl of Fame is no different. As such, the top 10 Crypto Unicorn combatants will walk away with a bonus land plot, while the top 10 Pegaxy fighters will receive 50 $PGX tokens. In addition, every player on the winning team that notches up at least 25 kills will also take away a mystery NFT prize.

Despite their aesthetic styling, beneath the cuddly veneer of the Crypto Unicorns lies a heart of pure bloodthirsty vengeance. Likewise, each Pegaxy can, when the moment arises, set aside its machine-like elegance and unleash a volley of unbridled mayhem. So, get your steeds at the ready and saddle up for 2 days of interoperable, cross-collection, Web3 carnage!

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