NFTICALLY partners with to launch an exclusive NFT Marketplace

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NFTICALLY partners with to launch an exclusive NFT Marketplace

NFTICALLY feels delighted to partner with, a leading afro-centric OTT and social media platform, to launch Thizztv NFT Marketplace, their exclusive Whitelabel NFT Marketplace. With the help of this exclusive NFT Marketplace, Thizztv will be able to deliver a highly lucrative user experience by connecting NFT creators, fans, and collections of the afro community in one place. NFT Marketplace will allow celebrities, photographers, artists, influencers, filmmakers, musicians, gamers, clubs, city governments, businesses, and corporations to create their own NFT without any need for technical know-how. Moreover, users will be able to mint and list their own NFTs without any fees with the help of the Polygon Blockchain Network.

Thus, NFTICALLY’s partnership with will help African creators stand out in the Web3 space and gain more revenue from their creative abilities. Currently, two NFT projects are live and receiving positive user feedback, so as things progress, NFTICALLY will closely assist in scaling up and managing the Thizztv NFT Marketplace.

About network is a cutting-edge OTT and social media platform that focuses on afro-centric content (Afro-World Hip Hop music videos, Afro Classic films, documentaries, music, culture, politics, and news). They are also a leading publisher, aggregator, integrator, and distributor of premium royalty-free content from diaspora countries. Moreover, they extensively offer business map listings and afro-centric travel.

They have a massive user base on ROKU of over 63 million active accounts from over 18 nations. One of the primary reasons behind their success is their pay-per-view content, through which users can earn money by viewing the content on


As a group of business executives and blockchain developers, we work towards solving real-world issues using Web3 features and functionalities. Our prime objective is to deliver purpose-driven and outcome-oriented results for businesses across industries so that they can transform their workflows and become more market-adaptable faster. Being passionate about NFTs, we constantly strive to bring in changes globally via proof of copyright, proof of existence, and proof of ownership.

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