NFTically Joins Forces With Kulturemint To Drop One-Of-Its-Kind Poetry NFTs

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NFTically Joins Forces With Kulturemint To Drop One-Of-Its-Kind Poetry NFTs

Gulzar Sahab famously said, “Nostalgia is a sweet place for a poet and writer to be in.” But what if we tell you that NFTically is reinventing the very idea of cherishing nostalgia by introducing something that has not been done before?

Are you ready for the astonishing news? 

The pioneer in bringing one-of-its-kind NFTs to your virtual doorstep, NFTically, is joining hands with one of the most illustrious poets of our times, Gulzar Sahab. Known for weaving honey-dripping couplets throughout his stellar artistic career, Gulzar Sahab is setting another historical benchmark by making his debut in the Metaverse. 

Do you know what is more exciting? Gulzar Sahab’s writings are dropping on the up-and-coming, India’s first NFT marketplace that aims to incorporate cultural heritage and art into the Metaverse. Kulturemint has become the talk of the town with its sole aim of innovating, fostering, and preserving the essence of art, culture, poetry, and entertainment in the virtual world.

With weird GIFs and half-heartedly funny clips flooding the current NFT space, our team NFTically finally decided to take the onus of diversifying the Metaverse palette. Taking pride in its prolific history of delivering crème de la crème NFTs to your virtual doorstep, NFTically is delighted to announce this would be the very first instance wherein someone has launched Indian literature-based NFTs.

Globally renowned for his writings in Raat Pashmine Ki, Pukhraj, and Kuchh Aur Nazmein, along with penning the lyrics of stellar classics like Anand, Masoom, Dil Se, Slumdog Millionaire, and Haider, Gulzar Sahab needs no introduction.

Every generation is fond of Gulzar Sahab, who has and is still changing the course of Indian cinema and literature with his compositions. His admirers will be on cloud nine to know that some of his most splendid pennings dropping on Kulturemint in the form of NFTs include couplets and poetry like Baarish, Lal Haveli, Samandar, and One-Sided Love. These writings are considered to be some of the most treasured across Indian and world literature, and owning their NFTs is no less than a dream come true.

No one can deny that Gulzar Sahab’s inkings are like unearthed fossils; priceless, rare, and finite. And a joint effort by NFTically and Kulturemint is bridging the gap between classic and conventional with this enthralling NFT drop.

What more persuasion do you need? Just drop everything and start bidding on your favorite Gulzar poems at before anybody else lays hands on them. Do you wish to know another surprise packed for you? 

In the words of Gulzaar Sahab, “Kaagazon ki kashtiyon ka kahin kinaara nahi hotaroughly translated to “Paper boats do not have any shore.” So if your love for Gulzar and his words is whole-souled, unlike paper boats, then you would not forget to place your bid at this exclusive NFT drop.

What’s more? For a handful of lucky Gulzar fans, Kulturemint will be doing some exclusive giveaways on their official Twitter handle, so better be quick and get a nice and beautiful NFT for free! 

NFTically takes pride in being a top-drawer leader in the NFT realm with an extremely perseverant, passionate, and proficient team of blockchain developers & business executives. Adept at resolving large-scale real-world issues, we deliver state-of-the-art services to facilitate enterprises across industries for streamlining workflow and pushing ideas out of the pipeline.

Dedicated to utilizing NFTs to revolutionize the global market through proof-of-copyright, proof-of-existence, and proof-of-ownership, NFTically is exploring prospective opportunities for collaboration. 

Feel free to visit us, and we will be glad to be in touch with you ASAP.

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