Mutant Hounds NFT Mint Set For January 11th

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The Mutant Hounds gear up to their January 11th mint date to take their place among the first fully autonomous, pro-royalty NFT collections. In a space that is rapidly receding royalties from creators, the Mutant Hounds set an example of giving back to the community and its creators. We have previously covered the mint process and more details about the Mutant Hounds NFT project. Now, find out why and how it is shaping the future of royalties below!

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What’s Special About The NFT Project?

The Mutant Hounds Saga ushers in a new category for the NFT industry. The project spearheads a new wave of “Layer 2 and Layer 3” projects with a solid concept, content, community and culture base. Moreover, the best thing about this project is its intense focus towards creators and their creations. This is due to their stance on creator royalties.

Essentially, the NFT industry consists of 3 major players – the creators, collectors, and marketplaces. Without marketplaces, the NFT industry would still (somehow) exist, but without creators, it ceases to do so. Furthermore, the most important thing for any marketplace is its trading volume. In the recent trend of dumping royalties, marketplaces stand to gain due to the fact that passing the burden of royalties on to collectors (buyers) almost always ensures more volume traded. This also reflects the growing greed of NFT marketplaces in their current state today. And one can argue that due to this, the growth of the NFT space is pulled back.

In November, BAYC founder Wylie Aronow (GordonGoner) explained on Twitter how creator royalties are the foundation to web3 artistry. The Hideout (a Mutant Cartel marketplace) was the first response to the changing anti-creator marketplace movement. It is a free-to-use, 0 fee marketplace that connects Cartel holders to different ecosystems. In a recent Mirror post, project founder Lior.eth goes into great detail explaining the importance of Royalties in the NFT space, proclaiming that they are the future (not the past) of the NFT industry.

More About The Mutant Hound Mint

The Mutant Hound mint promises to be a unique experience for collectors. The contract is set to deploy on the 11th of January, if not earlier. Moreover, the technical specs of the contract are currently being fine tuned and no further details have been pushed out.

“Today, we’re hoping to add to the cultural movement that empowers creators and collectors in ways that were not possible without web3.” states project founder Lior.eth in their official Mirror post talking about the project. Stay tuned to the official Mutant Cartel Twitter for further updates!



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