Mega World Expanding to Binance Chain

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Mega World hits a big milestone by completing a inter-blockchain bridge between Ethereum and Tron, while also announcing plans for an imminent expansion to the Binance Chain! And though the official alpha release for Mega World is still some time in the future, this is an important step in the right direction.

Coming soon — Mega World on Binance Chain! And while the MCP3D game already exists on both the Ethereum and Tron networks, the larger Mega World is still in development.

This expansion to Binance Chain is an opportunity for those who like to pioneer, as there will almost certainly be openings to flip high demand land plots or make a few coins selling resources to early builders. But how long that gold rush period lasts remains to be seen. Linking multiple blockchains inside of your game is a pretty cool feature. However, Mega World already has pretty low activity, with large sections of undeveloped land. A whole new city of land plots may not be what the game really needs.

But, they’ve already set a precedent where each newly integrated chain gets its own city, so it makes sense to continue following that pattern. Each city also has one specific Resource that only they can produce (Steel on Ethereum and Concrete on Tron). So I would guess that the Binance Chain city will also have something similar.

On December 10th, Mega World will release a demo of the Binance Chain World Map, which includes a demonstration of customizeable buildings. The team expects to open up the first Binance Chain land plots on December 15th.

MCP3D economy

Mega Bridge

And while expanding to a new chain seems like big news, the really big news for Mega World is the completion of a new bridge between their Ethereum and Tron cities, allowing players to transfer MEGA tokens in-between chains. This bridge will also expand later to let players move Resources and Citizens between chains as well. But, the immediate effect is that players have one game wallet for MEGA tokens, and can pull them from the game to either blockchain. Players can now also use MEGA tokens in orders on the in-game marketplace.

MEGA token has an equal supply of tokens on both networks. When a player transfers MEGA between networks, the contract from the sending blockchain knows to lock up the corresponding amount of tokens on their side. And then unlock them when tokens come back to the chain. This keeps the overall supply stable while allowing players to use MEGA on both networks.

a passport for Mega World
a passport for Mega World

MEGA Governance

Aside from being a central game currency for exchanging goods, MEGA was also created as a governance token. Mega World hopes to implement the first stages of this in the near future.

It begins with a Mayor. Mayors are elected twice a year, and required to hold 1% of the MEGA supply frozen in their wallet for their term. Only Mayors and the Mega World team will be able to submit proposals for community voting.

Both the Mayoral election and proposal voting will use MEGA token. The Mayor will have a special office in the Town Hall, and a unique outfit for their Citizen.

What is Mega World?

Mega World is a virtual world resembling a modern city with streets, buildings, cars, etc. In this game, players can own Citizens, Pets, Land Plots, and even whole Districts. The basic game features players walking (or driving) around the city, completing tasks, and earning MEGA tokens. The game will be free to play, though completing certain tasks may require owning a Citizen NFT.

For those who wish to be more invested, plot ownership allows players to create a variety of buildings from homes, to offices, to factories. Players can even choose to create a custom building on their plot. Buildings earn income in various ways, though they also require upkeep and have a chance to be hit by natural disasters. Players create most of the in-game items, including new Citizens.

The goal is to have a connected series of living cities populated, built, and governed by the players.

Mega World custom building interface
Mega World custom building interface

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