Gary Eck Uses NFTs to Fund Latest Film ‘Amygdala’

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Struggling from the fallout of lockdowns, the beginning of 2022 saw attendance at movie theaters plummet by 40%. Due to declining revenues, filmmakers became risk-averse, introducing us to copy-and-paste plots that leave many bored and uninterested. However, this could all be about to change.

Thanks to NFTs and the ingenuity of filmmaker and comedian Gary Eck, a new solution is being tried to monetize the pre-production of Ecks latest Sci-fi thriller, Amygdala. Eck had discovered NFTs by chance after helping his son buy an NFT-generating app, soon, he was hooked, and it coincided with the development of his latest film.

Typically films in the pre-production stage are secretive, with concept art, scripts, and casting being a hush-hush affair. However, Eck is casting this idea aside, instead choosing to sell pre-production materials as collectible NFTs. His concept will see revenues funneled straight into the film production budget to make the spectacular sci-fi feature film Amygdala.

His team has created stunning 3D model NFTs based on the film’s concept art, which will have tangible utility. Essentially the NFTs are also a ticket into the entire production. Owners will have access to the script, casting opportunities, and behind-the-scenes access; they will also gain entry into Amygdala-based competitions.

If this project is successful and replicated, we may see a flurry of new, quality films. Until then, watch this space.

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