Chimpers NFT’s Twitter Is Hacked; Do Not Click Any Links!

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The official Chimpers Twitter account was hacked less than 24 hours ago, with many users already falling victim to the NFT scam. What’s more, the scammers even held a Space asking people to mint NFTs using their malicious links. The hacker may also have control of the Chimpers NFT collection’s website, so you should avoid any interaction until further notice!

Chimpers is the latest NFT PFP project to get hacked via Twitter and their official website!

Who Hacked the Chimpers Accounts?

As of now we do not know who hacked the account, but let’s take a look at what happened during this scam. “Starting the first chapter of the chimps with an AirDrop for our loyal chimpers”, a tweet posted 11 hours ago by Chimpers said. Coming from the official Chimpers account, the news seemed legit. Unfortunately, though, this was just the beginning of the latest scam in the NFT world.

Over the past 24 hours, the Chimpers Twitter account spammed its community with posts. The hackers allegedly offered surprise NFT airdrops, asking people to enter various links. Additionally, they hosted a Space trying to hype traders so they’d access their malicious content.

That’s when many NFT traders realized it was a scam.

Of course, users quickly turned to their own Twitter account in order to warn others about the hack. Sadly, though, the Chimpers scammers posted for more than 7 hours before the suspension of the account.

screenshot of Chimpers Discord messages after getting hacked
Scammers had been sharing malicious links for over 7 hours via Twitter. Credit: Twitter

How Can You Avoid NFT Scams?

Chimpers is just one example proving that even the most trustworthy accounts can become compromised overnight. After all, the Solana network itself was hacked a few months ago, affecting thousands of crypto wallets.

But how can you stay safe in such uncertain times? Firstly, it’s important to store your NFTs correctly. Experts advise everybody to keep their most valuable assets in a cold wallet (hardware) and use hot wallets like MetaMask just for transactions.

In addition, make sure to triple-check every smart contract before engaging with it. Free mint NFT scams based on malicious smart contracts have been on the rise since 2022, which is why even newbies should analyze each transaction they make. Finally, check out our guide to NFT security with Ledger for all you need to know about staying safe in the NFT space.


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