Hitachi Leverages Metaverse and VR for Next-Generation Workforce Training

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi has unveiled a pioneering training program, transforming the way employees acquire and hone their skills. By harnessing the power of the metaverse and virtual reality (VR) technology,

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Duplicate Cards in Parallel – Play to Earn

Though currently still in beta testing, Parallel introduces a new feature to their TCG system, allowing players to duplicate their cards, creating Echo versions. By doing so they setup a

Legends of the Mara Live on September 26th

The day has almost arrived for the first playable game utilizing Otherside deeds! Legends of the Mara is scheduled to go live on September 26th, offering Deed owners a chance

NHN Corporation Enters Web3 Gaming with Mysten Labs Partnership

NHN Corporation, a diversified global IT company publicly traded on the Korean Stock Exchange, has announced a strategic partnership with Mysten Labs to venture into the Web3 gaming sphere. NHN

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Pokémon NFTs Sold Out on Polygon in Seconds

In a recent development, Courtyard initiated the sale of Pokémon-themed NFT cards on the Polygon blockchain. These digital collectibles were purchased almost instantly, causing the floor price to skyrocket in

OpenSea marketplace suffers third-party API breach

OpenSea is under scrutiny following reports of a significant compromise in its API. On September 23, 2023, numerous users came forward with messages they claim to have received from OpenSea,

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Proof of Play Secures $33 Million Funding for Web3 Gaming Initiatives

Web3 gaming company, Proof of Play recently announced a significant funding round, underscoring the growing interest and investment in decentralized gaming platforms.Strong Backing for Proof of PlayProof of Play, under

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Pudgy Penguins Boost Engagements Across Malaysia and Beyond

Following a three-day event highlighting its transition from the virtual realm to tangible toys in Kuala Lumpur on September 18, Pudgy Penguins has solidified its place in Malaysia!Pudgy Penguins’ Malaysia

Blankos Block Party Spreads its Chaos to the Mobile Realm

High flying Web3 developer, Mythical Games, has announced it will move operations for its flagship title, Blankos Block Party, to the mobile market. As a result, it will divert all

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Moonbirds Blast Off on the Space Blue Mission to the Moon

Night dwelling NFT PFP collection, Moonbirds, has announced grand plans to take its artwork into the great unknown. This November, 254 ‘Space Helmet’ trait tokens will join Space Blue and