Seedify Launches ChainGPT – AI for the Blockchain Industry

AI is a hot topic lately – with ChatGPT, Google Bard and many other AI bots showing great potential. Seedify leaps into the fray with ChainGPT, an AI model specifically

Bitcoin Angel Castle Party set to Honor Alotta Money

The NFT community has a new event to look forward to, the 2023 Bitcoin Angel Castle Party, a remarkable gathering to honor the life and work of the late French

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Alien Worlds’ Metaverse

Alien Worlds is an enthralling play-to-earn game built on the WAX blockchain, which has captured the attention of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. This captivating metaverse features six distinctive worlds,

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Nakamigos Earth-Rending NFT Debut – NFT News

Crashing into the NFT space like a fully laden freight train, a new 20k collection has caused a major commotion in the world of non fungible tokens. In a little

Why Ethereum [ETH] address outflows may be headed for DeFi

ETH sell pressure starts mounting after encountering a resistance wall. ETH 2.0 absorbs some of the ETH liquidity, while leverage traders adjust to the current risk. March has been quite

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Opensea Loses Dominance as Blur Rises

The once dominant marketplace is rapidly losing its market share to Blur.According to the DappRadar industry report, NFTs are making a strong start to the year. Unfortunately, the same can’t

Gucci Teams Up with Yuga Labs

Luxury fashion brand, Gucci, has continued its foray into the Metaverse by teaming up with industry leading NFT company, Yuga Labs. In an announcement, Gucci revealed it is excited to

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Eve Online Coming to the Blockchain?

CCP, the company behind Eve Online, the most successful, space-based MMO in the history of gaming, announced their intentions to expand to the blockchain with a new offering set in

Oxya Origin – a Cultural Movement Reshaping the Gaming Industry

Oxya Origin is a third-person shooter (TPS) game built on Immutable X. It is both free-to-play and play-and-earn. The team is developing an immersive gamified experience set in a dystopian

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Will online casinos adopt NFTs in the near future?

Online casinos have enjoyed an expansion in the last few years, especially benefiting from the pandemic. As people were forced to stay at home, they did not have the chance

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